Agriturismo Usurtala


The farmhouse “Usurtala” was born as a farm and zoo-technical company. It is specialized in cultivation fields and in holding of animals: a traditional way of holding animals, realized observing full respect for nature and livestock needs. It is banned any type of chemical additives, genetically modified product, or substances harmful to humans, the land, air and animals.

The cultivation of the fields, in compliance with the seasonal cycles, produces grain, lettuce and vegetables of all kinds: from tomatoes to eggplant, beans, peas, lentils, chick peas, zucchini, etc. etc. The appointment with the taste is assured.

Sheep, cows, pigs and chickens can enjoy open spaces outdoors and comfortable spaces for the housing night while respecting their needs and hygiene. The production of sausages, hams, milk, eggs, cheese, is a consequence of this top quality management.


At the farmhouse “Usurtala” you can taste the traditional and genuin food of the inner part of Sardinia (Barbagia), enriched sometimes with a delicious touch of originality by our chef Tonina. All dishes are prepared with our own products derived from our farming and zoo-technical activity and in accordance with the seasonal cycles.

A variety of starters with ham, salami, cheese, mushrooms and vegetables will whet your appetite. Then, you will taste delicious strictly hand-made first courses like “malloreddos” and “ravioli”, which will lead you to the ancient soul of our land. Delightful second courses as cooked on the fireplace “porcetto” and roast or stewed lamb, will do the rest to make your meal wonderful. Furthermore… suggestive wines and delicious sweets of our own production.

Everything has a decided, genuine and family taste.

In addition,  in the two capacious dining rooms which are decorated in rustic and valuable bill, can be found throughout original objects which were used long time ago in Brabagia’s tradiction: from baskets made of “raffia”, to Sardinian tapestries, and to grinders, chassis. During winter you can enjoy the warmth of the old and beautiful fireplace.


The farmhouse “Usurtala” is equipped of 7 comfortable rooms that seamlessly integrate with the surrounding nature: they overlook on the one hand to a graceful courtyard in stone and the other to a nice oaks forest.

The types of rooms ranging from single, to double,to triple. If necessary can be added extra beds to the classical type.

All rooms are decorated and re-equipped with bathroom with shower , air conditioning and television. The structure has an equipped room for disabled.